Fashion Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style

They say that the hair is a person’s crowning glory. We found this to be true when Britney Spears shaved her head and Miley Cyrus sported that post Hannah Montana hair style. We’ve seen these ladies go from total glam with their beautiful long locks and their chosen fashionable haircuts to something we wished we hadn’t seen on TV. You may have your own picture in mind of a person who totally changed her looks with a bad haircut. You are lucky if you know what haircut to sport that will complement your face; others however struggle from one hair style to another until they get that cut they feel most beautiful with. To help you figure out what fashion haircuts to try next time, here is a list of hairstyles for women that never go out of style.


1. The Sweet Pixie Haircut
If you have a cute and rounded face, you might want to try the pixie cut. This will look great on women who have small frames. Sporting this cut will highlight your face and make it bigger and proportionate to the rest of your body. Never do a pixie haircut when you are slightly on the bigger side. A sweet pixie will be perfected with sleek, soft hair. This hair cut is easy to style and effortless to pair with any accessory; needless to say it is best for those who want to save time fixing their hair. Michelle Williams is a classic example of a celebrity who wears the sweet pixie. Anne Hathaway had the same haircut when she received her first Oscar Award for Les Miserables.

2. The Layered Pixie Haircut
If you want to show your sexy side with a short haircut, the layered pixie will work perfectly for you. The cut will look great on small frames and rounded or heart-shaped faces. Touch up your pixie with a hair gel or setting spray to create layers. This is a no-fuss hairstyle perfect for working professionals who do not have time to blow-dry their long locks. Cop this hairstyle from Halle Berry and you’ll be as hot and dazzling as the Catwoman.

3. The Side-Parted Bob
If you want to stay on the safe side by not getting a pixie but nonetheless wanted a short haircut, you can try the bob cut. This is perfect for people with straight hair. You can have a bob cut no matter what the shape of your face is. You can make adjustments based on the length of the bob. For instance, the above the chin bob cut works perfectly on people with round face just like your Bad Teacher star Cameron Diaz. The angled bob works beautifully on Keira Knightley’s sculpted face. If you happen to have a square jaw, you can wear the bob cut below the chin. Experiment on what looks better on you depending on how you part your bob. You can have a side-parted bob or a center-parted one.

4. Blunt Bangs
Another celebrity hairstyle that has made a comeback is the blunt bangs cut. We have seen the beautiful Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler wear it in the 90s with the rest of her curly tresses. Now Kerry Washington, Tyra Banks and Taylor Swift are among the A-listers who have sported the same hairstyle. The classy look this haircut brings is effortless. You don’t have to do anything more on your hair or wear any accessory. Those blunt bangs are accessories in their own rights. You can wear it on a shoulder level hair like Michelle Obama’s or on long flowing tresses like Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian’s. You can have your hair freely flowing or wear it in a ponytail with your blunt bangs. Want a look that is different and edgy? Go for the blunt bangs.

5. Wavy Ends and Side Bangs
If you have long straight locks, you can experiment on trying another hairstyle for variety. Make waves with your hair by getting wavy ends and side bangs. The wavy side bangs will frame your face perfectly that the rest of your waves don’t steal the spotlight from your face. You can wear your hair loose or tie it in a ponytail or loose side braid like the famous Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss Everdeen. If you want to look as flawless as the Duchess of Cambridge, let your tresses freely flow. If your hair doesn’t have a lot of volume, you can copy Jennifer Lopez’s wavy ends and side bangs hairstyle.

6. Voluminous Curls
If you have natural curly hair, you might as well just embrace it and sport a good hairstyle that will bring out your true beauty. Make your ringlets shine and stand out just like Kelly Rowland, Jada Pinkett-Smith, the Queen Bey herself and her sister Solange Knowles. You can experiment on your hair color and length but wear it proud and with great volume to bring out total glam.

7. Sleek and Flawless Tresses
Straight sleek hairstyles are a classic. Whether you have a trim or large figure, you can never go wrong with it with the right length. You can let it down or wear it on a ponytail; both will be effortless. If you want to look professional with minimal styling, you can definitely rely on the sleek and flawless hairstyle. It is no wonder that we see Iron Man’s leading lady, Gwyneth Paltrow sport this hairstyle for a very long time now. We haven’t seen her wear another hairstyle since. You can also draw inspiration from Evanescence’s vocalist Amy Lee who wears her long jet black hair loose, sleek and straight.

8. The Versatile Mid Length Cut
When you are like Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence who can pull any haircut and style, you might also want to try other celebrity hairstyles such as the versatile mid-length cut. You can play whatever style with it. You can try as many colors as possible either as straight just like Reese Witherspoon’s or curly like Emma Stone’s hair. Add a little style and volume by creating some frizz or even various styles of bangs. This haircut is the most fun of all.

Whether we prefers mens hairstyles or hairstyles for women, we all have preferred hairstyles, but it would also be best to try a fashionable haircuts that would best suit our lifestyle, personality and the type of wardrobe that we use to give yourself a break from the old you. Trust me, it is way more fun trying our hairstyles that just simply sticking to the old hairstyle.